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  • 3 Speed Zones for walking, jogging, or running

  • Slim and lightweight design means easy storage

  • Perfect for bringing your workout indoors
  • Get back in shape!

    The I-Tread has sold out EVERY TIME we get it back in stock. 

    5 engineers spent over 1000 days and nights working hard to break through hundreds of technical difficulties and achieved remarkable results including 2 invention patents, 7 utility patents, and 2 appearance patents.

    You too can have a world-class treadmill that fits anywhere. Enjoy all that extra space you'll have while not using your I-Tread™
    Look & Feel Better - Without Taking Up Space of a traditional treadmill.
Itread Itread Itread - euroshineshopItread
  • Worlds first no welding treadmill
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Lightweight ( 50 lbs)
  • Sits only 4.7 cm off the ground.
  • Length: 55 inches 
  • Width 18.4 inches (same size a a regular treadmill with  only 1/4 the weight. 
  • Remote safety control
  • Quite motor
  • Easy to store (fits under most sofas and beds) with wall suction technology and wheels to roll to the perfect location.
  • Anti slip and anti shock absorption technology.
  • Hydraulic handrail can be used either up or down.
  • Max Speed is 5.5 with the rail up and 3.5 with the rail down.