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The microfiber Super Value Cleaning Bundle is our best value for all of our cleaning clothes. Clean Surface with or with out water, or apply one of our cleaning solutions to them and never worry about scratching or damaging your surfaces. You can finally stop throwing your money away literally, STOP WASTING paper towels and reuse these cleaning cloths over and over again, just clean by washing them in the washing machine.

what you get:

1 Package of six of our wash cloth sized cloths: Value $14.95

3 of our heavy duty microfiber cleaning cloths. Value: $30.00

1 pack of 6 of our microfiber scrubbing clothes: Value $14.95

and 5 of our glass and shining cloths which are perfect for sunglasses, wine glasses, rear view mirrors, and smaller more shiny surfaces. Value $20.00

Total Cost Is Just $19.95