It is a well known fact of matter that getting enough sleep is a key component in having optimal physical and mental health. However as important is getting enough rest may be there are many individuals currently finding themselves regularly deprived of the quality rest they need and deserve, finding themselves distracted, groggy and sleepy during the day. Is there a real one way solution to getting the rest you need? What causes one to not be able to fall asleep or to not remain asleep through out the night?
      The variables are far and wide, stress, health, noise, and the foundation you lay your head and body (i.e. your pillow, bedding, and mattress) on are only a few of the common denominators and so a one way approach may not be the solution for everyone. The option of taking a sleeping pill is always there; however many of these drugs can have some pretty uncomfortable side affects such as : loss of appetite, dizziness, abdominal discomfort, dry mouth, and headaches…This is only to name a few…

           I am a certified holistic health coach and personal trainer who is passionate about optimal wellness without the need for prescriptions. I am not a medical doctor and I am in no way advising you not to seek out help from a medical professional if you are experiencing life threatening symptoms. However, before you lose any more sleep, here are a few steps you can take to get the rest you so deserve and need! 

1.) Get Physical Activity

Did you know that exercise boosts the effect of your sleep hormones? Just by going for a brisk walk you begin to stimulate those calming endorphins your body needs to destress and unwind. Try starting out with just 30 minutes daily and see how you feel, not only could you potentially drop a few pounds you will also get fresh air, movement and sunlight all of which are great for stress reduction which equals calmer nerves. Keep in mind that exercising or too much activity before bedtime can overstimulate the body and cause one to stay away so be cautious about getting those steps in after the sunsets. 

2.) Eat, Don’t Over Eat

Going to bed hungry never makes falling asleep easy and so can an a overstuffed tummy. Do not eat big meals within three hours of your bedtime. Per say you are hungry before bedtime try having some protein like egg whites, or enjoy a glass of warm milk with turmeric and honey (this is called Golden Milk and is very relaxing), Greek yogurt with a half cup of berries, or just a few brazil nuts which are packed full of selenium are just a few good options. Try to stay away from acidic foods such as citrus fruits since they can cause heartburn which is no fun anytime. 

3.) Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Wine and chocolate are not bedtime snacks. Chocolate is delicious don’t get me wrong, the problem is that chocolate contains caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant. Wine although too much of it may make you drowsy is a stimulant as well so it can actually keep you up, and cause disruption to your sleep throughout the night. 

4.) Create a Sacred Sleeping Space

Watching T.V in bed can seem enticingly relaxing however a television in the bedroom can be a distraction since the lights and sounds can disrupt your eyes and make you less tired. Design sleep space in your bedroom that is as comfortable as possible. Keep your sleep space dark, quiet, and cool. 

 5.) Save Your Bed Space for Sex and sleep only!

Your bed is not an office or a phone booth, nor a movie theater, treat your bed like the sacred cocoon of comfort and joy it is, it supports your entire body and mind and only actions affiliated with enhancing those two entities should be done upon your resting abode. Keep your bed as a sleeping stimulus and do all other activities related to wakefulness elsewhere.

 6.) Create a Sleep Ritual

Rituals help to center and calm our bodies and minds. A Bedtime ritual can help you to fall asleep, therefore our parents read us stories before bed and why many still do to this day. Enjoy a hot bath, sip a cup of herbal chamomile tea and read a few pages of a book to let your eyes tire. (One of my favorite sleep solutions is laying back on a My Cool Comfort pillow) 
you will never experience a more incredible nights sleep… I do this while playing calming music like whole tones which can be found on youtube by searching whole tones or going to there direct site

7.) Relax

Stress is one of the biggest debilitations in all areas of our lives and even though your bills may be due, your finances may be stressed, your experiencing work or family troubles try to take a few deep breathes and practice some new breathing techniques or learning new forms of relaxation that help your mind to unwind and leave your body at peace. 

8.) Sleep on a Good Pillow

Your pillow has the most important job on the night shift. A pillow is intended to support your head, neck, shoulders and align the spine and when any one of those components are off your are bound to wake up through the night, sore, or achy, tired, and even experience mental health issues such as depression. The thing about pillows is that the way you sleep determines what type of pillow you should use. The only pillow that is truly one hundred percent customizable for all sleep styles (back, stomach, side, pregnant, hot, sweaty, snorry) is the My Cool Comfort Pillow. The most comfortable pillow you can ever sleep on and the last pillow you will ever buy, there are two sides, one icy cold, and one warm bamboo, both wick moisture, and the filling is a patented memory foam which is removable in order to 100% fit your body’s shape and accommodate your rest needs. 

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